Partnering timeless, distinguished tradition with free and contemporary expression of individuality, The Little Blazer Company® aims to revolutionise the children's blazer market, as the first gender neutral British luxury kidswear label.

Proudly authentically British. Our creations are made end-to-end in the United Kingdom. By locally sourcing the finest cloth and championing the absolute best of British craftsmanship, we promise to consistently offer exceptional quality at a fair price.

By sourcing and making locally, our carbon footprint is as small as possible. Our factories are based in the UK with the highest ethical standards, ensuring the clever people who make our blazers are treated respectfully for their skills.

Hand crafted tailoring with an expert finish, our blazers are the classic go-to statement piece to be worn all year round. Gender neutral in finish, with fabrics especially selected for sensitive skin, comfortable, versatile and effortlessly cool for everyday wear and any occasion. 

Supporting British makers, our luxurious fabric is entirely sustainable. Crafted from Harris Tweed®, UK farmed 100% pure new wool, our blazers are then exquisitely lined in vegan satin. These heirloom garments are made to last, with a hope that each blazer supports many a story as it's lovingly passed down through generations.

The last piece of our puzzle is that we love individuality and recognise every child's need for self-expression. We celebrate all personalities and differences with each vibrant piece from the collection adorned with an expression of character. Empowering our mini trailblazers with the confidence to be themselves.